WD essential not appering in win starter netbook

Hi to all,

I have a 3T myBook essential and I formated 3 partitians with my mac, one with mac Format, another with Win format and other to use with both.

My mac recognise all of them and can read/write in 2 of the 3 partitions as expected.

But now I’m trying to plug the WD to my netbook runing Win starter and it recognizes the device but I can’t access neither of the pertitions…

there’s anyway to use the wd as a harddrive for both OS without formating it again??

thanks in advance for the help

and best regards 

Nope sorry mate,  you need to reformat the drive again.

Hi thanks for the Help…

Ok I see but if I reformat what program should I use to do what I need…

I what 3 partitions to put data from each OS and one of the partitions would be to share data…

So I should do this with Win or Mac?? and what formats should I use??

thanks a lot and best regards