WD Elements won't let me copy files to another laptop / PC

Hello everyone.

I recently purchased a WD Elements (500GB; USB3.0) external hard drive for my main desktop PC. I use it to store a lot of my data. However, whenever I try to copy some of the data to another laptop, it gives me permission errors and will not let me transfer even though I am the administrator. However, not all data is affected with this. I recently copied over drivers I was downloading for my laptop while it was reinstalling Windows 7 so that the process went quicker, and those drivers easily copied from the Elements to the laptop.

I went into the security tab and changed the owner of the device to “Everyone” which I thought would fix the problem. I am wondering what the issue could be? I tried searching for a similar issue to this but found no results.


There is a program called “Unlocker” (version 1.9.1) - It’s free, from Cnet I think to Major Geeks. Some AV programs detect it as a virus but it is NOT. 

You have run into a problem I’ve come across many times, it’s because maybe the data has been moved so many times from different PCs and OS’s - The files get Locked. Unlocker will allow you to copy or move the locked files.

Highlight all the files and Right Click and then share with, choose everyone.