WD ELEMENTS What do I do .....?

Hi, I have bought a WD Elements Portable Storage 2TB. I am running Windows 7 but the support for this is coming to an end so I need to download my whole computer.
Problem I have NO idea how to do this!! I imagined that there would be an instruction book in the box but there is nothing at all. I am a non-techie and any advice anyone could give me would be great.

Just because support for Windows 7 will be ending doesn’t mean your computer will stop working and explode.

I used Windows XP for years after support ended … and plan to do the same for Windows 7

If you wan’t to use the WD Elements Portable 2TB to backup your photos, documents, videos etc etc … just plug it in, and copy and paste the stuff onto the Elements Portable.

Couldn’t be easier.

If you were wanting to backup your whole system (which includes your documents, photos etc) using WD Backup software … then that’s a No Go, because the software does not support Elements hard drives.

WD Backup: Supported Drives

That’s because the hard drive is sold as, and is, just a ‘basic storage’ hard drive and is plug and play.


Thanks for the information, disappointing but very helpful. Looks like I need to get another portable storage.

Yep, avoid disappointment by doing a little research before buying … that’s what i always do :slight_smile:

Thanks !
I did lots and lots of research before I bought it but being an “old” person and non techie the information I gathered probably became a bit jumbled up :blush:

Forums like this a great place to get information before buying and if you ask for simple non techie advice and info … most people will be happy oblige

Can you give me some idea about which portable storage I should buy to be able to download /back up the whole of my computer then please:-)