Wd elements , wd my passport

i have 2 portable wd hdd 500 gb. one elements, one my passport  from 2009-2010. elements works fine, my passport has a horrendous soft that installs itself for a better speed. i don’t want any software, i just want to work like the other one. now i have also a problem with downloads, it gives me error and the download stops, so i tried to empty the other one for use but a 20 gb transfer was too much and it stopped at about 18 gb. i might need to format but there is still the problem of the UUUUUNWAAAAANTEEEEED software.

I would guess by software you are talking about the WD SES driver?

This is not for speed, but is for the additional capabilities of the MyPassport over the Elements drive (mainly drive encryption, but I think there are other items). But if all you want is to use the basic functionality of the MyPassport (to use it in the same way as the Elements drive) then you can just refuse/cancel the request to install the SES driver. The MP should work fine, but the added functionality will not be available.

At least that’s my experience, as I sometimes use my MyPassport drive ( modern 2TB Ultra) on my work PC where I do not have admin rights and so cannot install the SES driver. But as all I want is access to files on the drive, which is unencrypted, it works fine for me other than an action centre message in my system tray concerning a problem installing the SES driver (as I cancelled it when it asked to try and do so).

The other problem sounds like the drive may be beginning to have problems. There is WD diagnostic software available from the download section of the website which may be worth using to give the drive a once-over and see if it can spot an issue.

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cheers man, i’ll have a look