WD Elements problem when attached as USB Storage on Cable Modem/Router

I had to upgrade my Cable Modem/Router combo and went with the Hitron CGN3 (recommended by my service provider). I connected the WD Elements 3Tb drive to the router USB port and even though the router recognizes the drive, the free space is identified wrong which limits the file sizes stored on the drive (nothing over 178Mb). I decided to connect the drive to my Windows 7 machine to run a chkdsk to look for any problems. Once that completed, the drive is no longer recognized on the router.  Is there preloaded files or information required on the drive so that these routers can recognize them? I gather the routers are Unix or Linux based and since it worked before, chkdsk must have wiped out something. How do I reset the drive?

I don’t believe this drive was intended for use on routers. Your router may require different formatting or have a size limit on the drive it uses.



Using these drives as NAS is not supported. These drive shave been designed to work connected directly to a computer using the USB port. 

I’m getting the impression its not perfect. However, as indicated, the drive was working (sort-of) and after chkdsk wiped out some pre-loaded information, it stopped working.  All I want to do is reload the drive with the system files/folders that were there when I originally bought it. Is there a WD utility that can reset my drive?