WD Elements Play GPL Code

Hi, what is this “WD Elements Play GPL Code”? Is this an update or what? Thanks?

No, that’s the GPL library for all the open source components used in the product.  

It does NOT include the proprietary code.

What is interesting, though, is that there are now TWO different sets of code for the Elements Play, with two different sets of model numbers.

Thanks! For a moment there I thought WD gave us an early christmas gift… too bad :frowning:

Sorry for being a dumb **bleep**, but what’s exactly  the GPL Code?

Is it better to install it, or we just leave it be?

Do I lose the data that is in the hard drive?


Binaries from GPL libraries should *NEVER* be installed on your device unless you know EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and WHY you are doing it.

GPL is the Gnu General Public License.

The GPL license requires any party that is using code covered by such a license to publish the source code for those libraries, including all changes and patches the “publisher” includes or develops themselves.

GPL libraries *never* include the PROPRIETARY code.   And in the case of the Elements Play Gen 2, probably 95% of the code is propietary.     In the Gen 1’s case, 100% of it is proprietery, hence NO GPL code.


Thanks for the answerers.

I just don’t understand why the release the GPL instead of the new firmware…

Any news about it?

The GPL library they posted is for the firmware you already have.  It’s not new firmware.