WD ELEMENTS not recognized in multimedia device (PS3 and etc)


I bought 2 new WD ELEMENTS recently
I formatted both with fat32 to use in PS3, Home Theater, PVR Reciver and etc
both WD, works in Mac and PC, but One of them, not recognized in multimedia device (I mean PS3, PVR & etc do not show hard drive)
Since one of them has problem and other works fine, I call guarantee service (Sazgar.com in Iran) and explained my problem, but they told me: we can’t accept it, because it works in PC
So, if I want using just in PC, I was not buy it at all. because it’s like internal hard drive for me.

Please guide me
Can firmware update, solve this problem?





Try formatting the drive again to FAT32 using Disk Utility on a Mac or download a FAT32 formatting software that is Windows compatible 

I have tried it several times in both OS.

In Mac, formatted by “Disk Utility” and in Windows formatted by “Paragon Partition Manager”. (FAT32)

but problem still exists.