WD elements, how to encrypt & set up a password?!

Hello, i have a WD passport which was easy to set up password using WD software, baught the WD 4 tb elements, was not aware than it is not supported by softwared to encrypt & formulate a passwor.
Now how can I encrypt & make a password like WD passport or is that not possible & have to use tidious encrypting programs which take forever to encrypt even small parts
please help

The Elements line of drives were created for customers who specifically did not want onboard drive encryption or password protection. You would need to use another 3rd party program to perform these tasks.

Concerning Encryption/Password Protection, you may want to try BitLocker, the native drive encryption system of Windows. Now, depending on the size of your WD Elements, and how much files it has. it may take a few minutes to several hours. Mine took 10 hours to finish encrypting because I got 1.2Tb of data already on my drive. My advice before trying to use BitLocker is to make sure your WD Elements is empty.