WD Elements HDD windows7 problem

Hi. Have just purchases WD Elements HDD. It won’t let me do anything in the windows parlallels section of my macair. I reformatted the other one i bought to macos, but i can’t do anything with this one in Windows. I thought it was supposed to be formatted to windows os, but i can’t put anything on it. It continually tells me i need permission for this action. I thought that reformatting wuold solve this problem, but when I go into disk managemnet, there is no sign of the disk there. Any suggestions?

I don’t know about Macs but this sounds more like a Mac issue than the HD. Elements is a simple plug and play drive that comes formatted NTFS for Windows. It sounds like you are running some type of virtual PC with Windows on it. I know other virtual machines can have problems with USB devices. I suggest checking out a Mac forum or one for your virtual application.