WD Elements 4TB - used space

Just opened a brand new sealed WD Elements 4TB drive only to discover it shows 4.96GB of used space. There’s nothing in the quick install guide to explain this. Does anyone know what this is, as the drive is detected as empty but clearly isn’t and 4.96GB isn’t exactly a small amout of space ? (i5 - 8GB memory - Windows 10 64bit)

I have a WD Elements 4TB drive … didn’t have any ‘used space’ out of the box (from what i recall)

Personally, i reformat/re-partition new hard drives when i buy them, in case they didn’t leave the factory properly formatted (which is not common, but can happen)

Give that a try and see if that solves it.

Many thanks - will do. On a 4TB hard Drive there will never be precisely 4TB of available space, but 4.96GB of used space certainly got me wondering,

Thanks again - really appreciated