WD Elements 2015 - not opening and being acknowledged

Date: 17 January 2016
In Autumn 2015 a new WD Elements was purchased in a German shop called Saturn.
On 17 January 2016 the WD Elements unit refused to open and be acknowledged by my laptop. It was tested on another laptop the next day and the same situation happened.

The light is switched on. The motor hums. One presumes that the motor is turning due to the humming.

Outcome: I am unable to backup my laptop AND gain access to important documents.

The reason for purchasing the WD Elements external drive was to have my documents secured and with easy access. Now the unit is redundant.

Could someone advise me as to how my laptop, which runs on MS Vista Home operating system can gain access to the WD Elements external drive.

What system updates or WD firmwares are needed in order gain access to the stored documents AND for the WD Elements to work again. The unit is not even half filled with data!

The details of the unit are as follows:
R/N: C3C
WD Serial Number: [[DELETED]]

Please help!!!

Thank you

Hi, welcome to the community.

I see that you tried on a different computer, but did you try with a different USB cable?