WD Elements 2 and half tb shows files on computer but empty folder on TV

I bought a new external drive and opted for the WD elements. After transfering over heaps of movies the TV could not see the drive. So I formatted the drive and started again. I tested with just 5 movies and the TV could see and play them so again transferred hours of data to the drive only to have the folder on the TV now show as empty.

The files are all on the drive and play fine on the computer but not the TV. The TV is compatible with the format and also a drive of this size so I am lost for a solution other than formatting and returning the drive for another brand.

(the previous drive I had was simple, just  copy over and play on the TV, no idea why this is so difficult with a WD drive)

any help appreciated 

Try posting in the TV section and you will probably get a faster reply.