WD elements 1trb not registering on computer

I’ve only had this hard drive for less than a year and it won’t register on my computer.  The lights are on and it feels like somethings working inside but I can’t access the saved files,  I’m devistated.  I’m a teacher and it has all my files for school and pictures which can’t be replaced.


Is the drive showing under my computer or disk management?

If is showing on disk management, and not on my computer, how is the drive showing on disk management?

See if the following link helps.

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives.


Also try testing the unit using the DLG tool

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows


Had this problem on windows 8.1 where if you format the disk using exFAT instead of NTFS the drive became unrecognisable in the system. This also appears to be the case for USB pen drives also.

Right click your start button, go to disk management to see if you can see it there.

If not look in the USB devices for mass storage and under drive devices.

If like for me under USB device you have the yellow exclamation mark uninstall the driver and then remove the device and then when you put it in again it correctly loads the device.

Go back to the disk management, I had to format this as NTFS (not the exFAT) and it now functions correctly.

This caused me some real headaches and felt there was nothing wrong with the device but a windows issue.

Hope it helps. (PS WD, don’t need the RMA it works find Case Ref Number : [Deleted] )

Oh yea Mr Mod, the DLG tool would not correct it I tried there is something in the firmware windows rejects and the disk appears to run slow etc. Go look I think in how windows if you use exFAT and I did removes parameters that windows needs to install.

The only hope is to recover the volume, then format this volume and windows does reject any attempt if it is not correctly loaded.