WD Elements 1TB problems


I dropped my WD elements drive a few month back and gradually it has gotten worse and worse for not being recognised by PC’s.

I’ve managed to get all my data off that I wanted but I was hoping to resurect this if possible and use it for my daughters TV.

The enclosure is no more so all I have is the drive itself (WD10TMVV-11TK7S1).

Basically now when I plug in the drive the white LED lights, flashes a few times but doesn’t get recognised by the PC.

Does any one know of any fixes for this?

Also somewhere to buy a new enclosure?

One thing I had thought about was, is it possible to change the PCB so it is a SATA (or even PATA) connection rather than a USB?  If that waspossible I could stick it in a cheap PC and use that as a media server for my daughters TV?

Many thanks for any help


Sorry but this seems to be a drive failure product of the drop. 

Check out this link for more info

How to obtain a circuit board or repair a drive.