WD Elements 1TB message: het apparaat is niet klaar

After about 10 min i get the following message in Dutch if i want to open a file “het apparaat is niet klaar” in english this is "the device is not “ready” . if I disconnect en connect the device again i can open the files again , but after 10 minutes the same problem returns . it is a new external disk connected via usb 3.0 on a HP Pavilion 550-150nd

Please help me

kind regards
Gerrit Vos


What OS version are you running?

Have you tried using the drive on different USB ports? Also, as a recommendation, try updating or reinstalling the USB drivers for your PC.

Windows 10 home
Yes i tried different USB ports and also reinstalled

I also have on the same computer a wd elements
2 GB disk without any problems

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