WD Elements 1 and 1,5TB with usb 3.0 not playing in LG 42inch TV with usb 2.0

Hello there,

I recently bought one WD Elements 1,5 Tbyte HDD with usb 3.0 and although it works fine in my laptop, when I tried to connect it to my LG TV, my TV tries to read it (loading) and few seconds later a message emerges saying “problem with the usb device. Check usb”. My LG TV is the model LG 42inch LM 615 S with 2 usb 2.0 ports and I bought it in the summer of 2012.
The problem is that I already possess an older WD Elements HDD 1 TB (the box of which says it has usb 3.0 with compatibility with usb 2.0) and also one Toshiba 1 TB HDD (the box of which also says it has usb 3.0 with compatibility with usb 2.0) and both of them work fine with my LG TV. At first I thought it was a matter of disc capacity, so I returned the Hard Disc and replaced it with one WD Elements 1 TByte which also had the same problem with my LG TV!!!
Is it possible the new WD Elements HDDs not to be compatible with the usb 2.0 ports of my LG TV? I think it is highly unlikely, but noone can be 100% sure.
Is it a power (current feed) issue (that is the current needed from the WDD 1-1,5 TByte HDDs isn’t able to be given from my LG TV)?
Can anyone shed any light to my problem? How can I fix it?

I have posted many times regarding HDDs and TV’s …

the most likely reason for this is that your LG TV does Not Support GPT (GUID Partition Table)…

Old WD Hard drives (and other brands) used MBR (Master Boot Record) Partition Table … up to 2TB Max is Supported

New WD Hard drives (and other brands) now use GPT (GUID Partition Table) up to and over 2TB is Supported.

Re-Format/Re-Partition your 1TB HDD to MBR Partition Table and i’m confident that will resolve your issue.

There are various ways to do this eg. a complete reformat or a convert GPT>MBR … Google Seach for instructions.

either way, make sure you backup your data before attempting it.