WD Element 1T works but not recognized

Not appearing unless I go by the computer disk mamagement (formating etc). Then all seems ok but after an uplug and plug again, everything I’ve done is lost an it’s invisible / not recognized again.

I’ve’d tried it on many usb ports, on many computers and also with another cable.

I’m out of ideas…that’s why I’m looking for your help.

The exact model is : wdbuzg0010bbk-0B

Thanks in advance.

Hi monzzzzz,

It seems like the drive has gone bad and you should replace the drive if it is under warranty period. Please refer to the link given below in order to know how to apply for the RMA.

Even if I have been using it only two times, I have it for long enough that it’s surely not under warranty.

I will sadly put it in the garbage.

Thank’s anyways…