WD Element 1048 recognized but not able to see it in My Computer

Hi Guys, I am facing issues in accessing my WD Element external hard disk. I can see the hard disk is detected because the light on the hard disk is on and also I can see it in the Disk Management console. However, I can’t see the drive listed in the My Computer. I tried un-installing and installing the drivers from Device Manager. I have also tried running ‘Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows’, for both the extended and the quick one, I can see Pass option. And when I right click on the drive from Disk Management these are the only options I can see which are enabled: on Disk -1 (on the left grey color) - ‘Convert to Dynamic Disk’, ‘Offline’, ‘Properties’ If I right click on the partition - I can see only ‘Delete Volume’ - S/N - [Deleted] P/N - WDBU6Y0020BBK-01 Cheers, Muss

Disk Management-1.png

Disk Management 2.png