WD Element 1 tb can't use it on Windows XP even with MBR. Help!

Hi everyone. I bought a wd element 1 tb model wdbuzg0010bbk-0b external hard disk drive and I only could use it on a windows 10 laptop and an android tv box but couldn’t with a windows xp sp 3 desktop computer neither a LG Led TV. So I just followed this method descripted on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFpS_ywHI70&t=318s (convert to mbr) and the external hard drive could be use ir on the tv but surprisly not on the windows xp sp 3 desktop computer! I went to the disk manager and indicate new letter drive but still can’t view the drive on my explorer so I can’t use it on my desktop computer… Could anyone help me, please? Thank you so much!!

WD don’t recommend to use these drives with windows XP. But sometimes, reformatting the drive with MBR makes the drive to run in windows xp.

You should contact WD support to clarify this issue.