WD Elemants External Hard Drive 2 TB USB port bent/broken

My external hard drive’s USB port seems to be bent or broken. It was working just fine then it randomly said it wasn’t connected. It’s still visible so it’s not broken off inside of it. I’ve tried using other USB cords to see if it was the cord but none of them worked. What can I do?

If the drive i still in warranty get the data off as soon as possible and contact WD about RMA. Otherwise this is about all there is left. Broken USB ports leave the users with only a few chioces. Drives that came with Smartware are hardware encrypted and the data cannot be recovered by connecting as an internal drive or using another case. First if the drive is still in warranty then opening the drive will void the warranty. You can try getting another USB port soldered on at a electronics repair place. I know some have been repaired by soldering fine wire to the board and then the other end to a USB port. You can try getting an identical drive and try that board. These boards change frequently and there is no guarantee it will work. You can look on Ebay for a replacement this link explains a bit about matching up the boards http://community.wdc.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839 again no guarantee.