WD Easystyore 2TB not working at all

After reading all the forums I can now see that buying a WD product in the first place was a mistake.
In any case here is the dilemma:

I bought my WD easystore 2TB external hard drive less than 6 months ago. Everything seemed to be working fine. Using the drive for both work and university. Out of left field ,the drive suddenly stopped working. Any time I plug it in, it will show up on My PC under local disk. If I try to click on it, File explorer will either

  1. Stop Responding
  2. Crash
  3. Take 20-30 minutes just to say: Parameter is incorrect drive inaccessible.

Under device manager the drive shows up and says to be working properly but anytime I try to access the contents of the drive the aforementioned occurs. I have followed instructions on troubleshooting forums and have even contacted support for assistance to no avail. I would prefer to avoid using a third party data recovery service , as I would assume most would. SO my hope is someone in the forums could help a brother out.

Thanks in advance.

You should diagnose the health of WD Easystore hard drive using WD Drive Utilities. If fails, re-format hard drive in compatible file system then check the performance of drive for same concern.