WD Easystore not getting recognized by windows. when I plug it in i hear the sound windows makes


Today I purchased WD Easystore And plugged it in to my pc. I hear the windows sound that it makes when a new USB is plugged in. but nothing happens. can someone help?


Well, there could be many factors that can lead to this issue, like:

  1. Corrupt or unstable USB driver
  2. Windows is missing important updates
  3. USB controllers may have become unstable or corrupt
  4. Corrupt USB drive or partition

However, you can still fix the issue and extract the files from the USB drive by attempting the below methods:

  1. Reboot your system
    Shut down your system, remove the power cord wait for some time & then connect the power cord & boot your system.
  2. Try different PC or Laptop
  3. Re-install USB drivers
  4. Unplug all connected USB devices
  5. Fix USB root hub

Hope it will help.

Try using Windows Disk management to see if your drive show up in there.

It could be the drive is not format for Windows or not configure yet. You can also check if there is a bang out in Device manager for your device.