WD EasyStore 8T won't mount - High Sierra

I’ve tried Disk Utility but the drive won’t mount. I get the same error messages I see with other post.

I was able to format the new disk with an old computer - running an older system. Now useable on the newer machine running High Sierra. There may be a permission issue but good so far.

Hi dbourne,

I am glad that your issue has been resolved.

I had the same issue with my Mac running High Sierra. Got an error message when erasing the drive and it refused to mount after that. Saw your message here and thought it was worth a shot trying another computer. Fortunately, I had not upgraded my work computer yet, which was still running El Capitan, and was able to get Disk Utility on that computer to see the drive, run First Aid, and partition it properly. It’s now able to be seen on both systems. Thank you!

I have the same problem (my WD Easystore 8T will no longer mount) except that I’m using Windows (ugh!)
Diagnostics show that the device failed to migrate, but won’t let me update drivers.
The device doesn’t show up as an available drive, but still show up in the control panel under “Devices and Printers.”