WD drive utilities

I use the software to make a WD Macbook Duo 6tb raid 1…unortunately with all data in.
I stopped after one minutes (change not completed).
No I dont see the HD on my pc resources.
Asking to initiliaze…
See pictures

I need to recover the data.

Changing RAID modes is a data-destructive process, even if interrupted. RAID 0 (Stripe) data in particular is not recoverable at all in case of an individual hard drive failure or when switching RAID modes. This is noted on page 61 (66) of the unit’s User manual:

CAUTION! Changing the device configuration reformats both drives, which erases all
of the data on them. If you have been using the device in one mode and want to switch
to a different mode, back up your files to another storage device before changing the

I’d recommend contacting a professional data recovery service company to see if there’s anything that can be done.