WD Drive Unlock Error

Hi there,

I have been trying to open “My Passport” since yesterday, but I keep getting the following error:

"You must run the WD Drive Unlock application from the WD Drive Unlock CD associated with the drive you want to unlock.

Click Exit, locate and open the related WD Drive Unlock CD, and then run WD Drive Unlock o unlock the desired drive.

Can someone help me to solve this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @jeca09,

Please refer below steps to unlock WD drive:

  1. Click on Settings icon and choose Set Password
  2. Type the Password , Verify Password , Password Hint (optional), and Click Set Password
  3. Eject the drive and disconnect and reconnect the cable
  4. Click on Unlock
  5. Type the Password and click Unlock Device
  6. The drive is now unlocked

Please refer below link to know more information:

Hope it helps!!

I have the same issue as @jeca09. My WD My Passport Ultra has always opened fine but after updating my mac to Big Sur 11.6.2, suddenly I get the same message as @jeca09;

My question about Keerti_01 rely to @jeca09 is about your step 1 “click on settings icon and choose set password”

a) “Settings?” … on what application?
b) Where do I find “settings” that you say to click on?

My life’s important pix and documents are on this drive. I really need a solution please.


Hi Jeca, i have just asked the WD staffer Keerti for help with the same issue that you have requested help on. Where you able to complete Keerti’s first step “click on settings?” I can’t find “settings” to proceed with her solution.

Can you help?
thanks in advance :smile:

Hello I have the same problem, can any one help me

please clarify where this ‘settings’ is. apparently not clear to a bunch of us. thanks

Has anyone figured out where “settings” was or figured out how to unlock the drive for MAC?

Update: I was able to install WD Discovery and open the drive. Link to WD discovery : How to Install WD Discovery on macOS 11 Big Sur

Linke to article about the update: WD Passport Not Showing up on Mac, Try These Fixes!.

You disable your system’s antivirus, then connect your hard drive and your hard drive will open easily. I did that and now I have no problem

You’re encountering an error message while attempting to access your WD My Passport external drive, which instructs you to run the WD Drive Unlock application from the associated CD.
To address this issue, first, ensure that your drive is correctly connected to your computer, as loose or faulty connections can trigger such errors. Confirm that you’re using the correct WD Drive Unlock software; you should either have it from the initial setup or download it from Western Digital’s official website if necessary. Reinstalling the WD Drive Unlock software might resolve the problem, and running it with administrator privileges could help if permissions are the concern. If the issue persists, test the drive on another computer to rule out computer-specific problems.
If none of these steps work, it’s advisable to contact Western Digital’s customer support for further assistance. Be sure to have the correct password or encryption key for unlocking the drive, and consider backing up any crucial data as a precautionary measure.