WD Drive Manager and Mountain Lion 10.8.2

WD Drive Manager has disappeared from my menu bar so=ince I upgraded fromSnow Leopard to Mountain Lion.  WD DriveManagerStatusMenu appears a lot of time in Console Crash Repoter Logs.

Is there an upgrade that I may download please?  I have the WD MyBook Studio II RAID 1.  I discovered the Drive Manager problem whilst trouble shooting several problems eith my iMac since upgrading to Ml

Secondly, in my Startup Items folder there is WD Button Manager in a folder called WDBMservice.  The files are dated around 2006/7 and buttonManager can’t be opened by Mountain Lion.  Is there and upgrade for this, or should I delete this?  I think it came with a previous MyBook that died on me.


Check the link below… it has a version of the WD Drive manager that was released on 09/2012


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Thank you for your reply.

I downloaded the .zip file then double clicked on it a couple of times but nothing seems to have happened.  Did it install itself without showing any sign of activity?

Never mind.  I’ve found it.  I’ll pop back later when I’ve tested it out.

Installed okay.  On rebooting my iMac the WD icom appeared briefly in the Status bar whilst the iMac was booting but disappeared almost immediately and never reappeared when booting was finished.

From Console crash logs though, WD Drive Manager seems to have ceased crashing.  The last crash report was 12:03 pm today, about five hours before I downloaded the upgrade. Is there another way to open this app? 

I can’t think why the WD icon disappears from the status bar.   But I wonder if it has something to do with - WD Anywhere Backup?  I don’t need this because I use Time Machine so I think it would be a good idea to delete it.  Is there a de-installer available for this software?

I think I have sorted this now.  My Studio II has a button on the rear.  It seems that I just needed to push to get the WD icon to appear.

The WD Icon now appears in my status bar twice for some reason.  I’ve uninstalled WD Manager 3.0.1 then reinstalled it.  Made no difference.

Anyway for now it’s working again despite booting twice.

Thanks for this.