WD Drive is not recognized by Laptop - It had a fall recently


Please help me out. I am not a techie and have been browsing the internet for a solution on this. My WD external hard drive had a fall recently and after that my laptop is not recognaizing it. When i am connecting it to laptop, the light blinks in the HD  but my computer is not showing the drive.

I have many photos in this drive and want to recover  the photos atleast.

I tried disk management and its says It is showing with a tiny red mark and the word “unknown” under Disk1. In addition, ‘not initialized’ is under the  unknown notification. When i tried to initilize, it says “incorrect function”

Kindly advice.


Bin Kris

Hi, hard drives are really sensitive to physical damage, if you need to recover your files I recommend to contact a data recovery company, there are several options on the WD support page, some of them offer a free evaluation of your drive. 


If you are considering proffessional recovery do not use the drive any more, it may cause more damage.