WD Drive Affecting Keyboard Shortcuts

I have an odd problem I experienced.  I just bough the WD Portable drive 1TB, and I was doing a Windows Backup onto it.

I have programmed the keys on my Microsoft keyboard… for example, the “Mail” button, I have re-assigned to logging off the computer (locking it), instead of opening Outlook.

But while I had the WD drive plugged in, when I pressed that button, Outlook would open.  This had never happened before.

I didn’t install Smartware and was just using the drive.

My other question is… are USB-powered external drive generally slower than external drives with their own power supply?  My old Verbatim 1TB drive with its own AC adapter backed up my computer in 6 hours.  This WD drive took 12 hours.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  I just got this drive and wanted to check this.

the drive is not suppose to interfere with any computer functions… the shortcuts are no near close related to any of the drive features… there could be a driver issue on your computer… check with the computer manufacturer 

the power on the drive will only affect the drive performance if the computer is not supplying enough power

you should not see a big difference in a drive with power adapter and a drive that gets powered by usb