WD does not accept my correct S/N and I can not contact support

OK, so learned taht WD does not support the old generation. Took me 2 hours to find out on the web. Could been stated on support site. In one way understandable, but with 2 discs that I finally had time to setup…the purchase was a waste.

Will find a newer solution, but will definitely NOT be from WD :frowning:

Impossible situation so I need to know where to start:
I can not fill out the support ticket because the form dies not allow me to enter my country (Norway), it does not show anything in the drop-down box: The form does not work…seems dead,…
I can not register my device.
WD say the S/N is wrong, but it is not.
The label under my device does not look anything like the example.
My device is made in 2013
How to get in contact or where to start as it is impossible to use any online form or chat to get in contact with WD…
Any help appreciated, Thanks

This subforum’s topic is My Cloud Home which was introduced in 2017, so you don’t have a My Cloud Home, a device very different from the older My Cloud (running OS3 and OS5) that you have. You cannot register a My Cloud as a My Cloud Home.

You should head over to the OS3 subforum and ask your questions but you should include your model number so that OS3 owners can answer your questions.

You can contact WD support here:

scroll down the page to Chat or Email support or you can call their Norwegian office at


Monday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM CET

Thanks,just found out my older My Cloud Personal storage devices are no longer supported, so taht explains it anway.

You should still be able to use it on your home network. That’s how I use my first generation WDMYCLOUD.


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