New My Book Live 2tb

  1. I have updated the deb for TWONKY and WD DLNA. How do i switch between the two. It appears Twonky is the only option enabled in my dashboard.

  2. I have about 1.8tb files uploaded to 2 tb MBL. I have since noticed a non-stop blinking yellow light. pls kindly explain what that could mean

  3. Any way of directly connecting MBL to the laptop. I am assuming transfer of files will be more quicker.

many thanks in advance

To enable the WD DLNA server you first have to update the firmware. Follow the instructions in the link below.

KBA# 5735 Link: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5735"

You won’t see a “switch” of choice between the two servers in your dashboard. It’s a design flaw in the interface which many folks have documented on this site. Follow the instructions in the link above, and once you make the change by uploading the file all you will see is ability to enable the WD DLNA server - just like all you can see is the Twonky server now.

It’s not very intuitive, and hopefully the wizards at WD will change this oversight in a future firmware update. It should be easy to select between different options, but it’s not right now. You will only see one or the other.

As to connecting your MBL directly to your laptop, or any other machine, I’m pretty sure you can’t. If I’m wrong please let me know so I can move bits around faster too…

You can only access MBL via your network. You might try connecting with wiire as it seems a tad bit faster when transferring data, but be prepared to have your patience tested when transferring multiple gigs of data. It can take a while, and the problem with data transfer rates is well documented within this community.

Good luck.

excellent reply…thanks much.

you said…you might try connecting by wire…

is this a direct connection from mbl to laptop (any thing I need to amend on my pc)?

or is it direct connection from pc to route and mbl to router

I’m glad you got the server working.

As to the wired connection, I meant using a cable to connect your computer to the network via the router. When I first setup my MBL using a wired connection was just a bit faster than wireless when transferring my initial data to the MBL. All you need is a standard ethernet cable to plug you computer into your router.

Wired seems to provide better performance for some people. It did for me, but only marginally.

Thanks for the compliment.