WD DLNA not working

Hi All,

Looking for some help, yesterday I noticed that the WD DLNA was no longer updating so I did the usual, rescan and rebuild nothing worked. I also did a reboot of the drive this resulted in the rebuild then working (sort of).

On rebooting the DLNA server rescanned the files and it showed Music 987, Photos 42 and Video 1.

This is way too little :slight_smile:

I played with it last night hitting rebuild and eventually it increased to video 45 but nothing was picked up that was not on the root of the drive, any subfolders were not showing.

As far as I can see from the logs it is scanning the folder’s ok, just not finding anything to add.

If I flash the firmware to Twonky then it works and everything is picked up, I just prefear using the WD one as it works better.

Does anyone know of a way to get it working again? I am thinking there is a corrupt file somewhere in the NAS settings as if I flash back to the WD firmware it again won’t scan files.

Appreciate any help

Hello there,

Try to turn off DLNA and then try to reboot the drive, after the drive is rebooted try to turn DLNA or media server back on to see if this helps you out.

Hi ArMak, thanks for the reply.

I tried your suggestion but it made no difference