WD Diskless My Cloud EX2 Newbie Question

I’m trying see if I should purchase a WD Diskless My Cloud EX2.

I own a MacBook and I have a time capsule. The time capsule just seems to run slow all the time and doesn’t capture all the files I transfer to it. I came across the my cloud by WD and this seems like the perfect option for me. I’ve been buying external hard drives for 10years just to back up photos, videos, and movies. I also have a 2tb WD my passport ultra and a 1tb seagate portable hard drive. Can i put these hard drives together into the diskless my cloud or will it not fit? Also these two external drives were formatted for when I had a windows pc but now I switched over to mac, so if it does fit will it work with my mac?

or should i just purchase a my cloud with drivers included?


If you haven’t done so already you should visit the https://support.wdc.com/cat_products.aspx?ID=1](https://support.wdc.com/cat_products.aspx?ID=1) site, select the My Cloud model your interested in, to see which drives are recommended for use in the device.

WD lists their drives that are supported by the WD My Cloud EX2 at this link:


Generally the diskless multi-bay My Cloud units support and are designed for 3.5 inch desktop sized hard drives. They apparently do not include brackets for 2.5 inch laptop/SSD hard drives. But that doesn’t mean one couldn’t attempt to use 2.5 inch drives in the diskless multi-bay units. Its possible there may be more discussion on using 2.5 inch drives in the dedicated EX2 subforum. Here is one such discussion:


More support for the EX2 can be found at the following link:


And you may want to read through/search through the dedicated EX2 subforum where people more familiar with the EX2 may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) is mostly for the single bay/single drive My Cloud devices.


You should be able to connect USB external hard drives to the USB ports on the back of the EX2 to expand the devices storage.