WD Discovery won't launch or start; Trying to install latest version of Flash Player ActiveX 9

I just got a (white lite) My Book World Edtiion II and when I put in the installation CD, I get the followiing message:

To run this program, version 9 or greater of the Flash ActiveX control is needed.  It will be automatically installed. (Yes or Cancel).

I press, “Yes”, and get a window opening titled, “Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Setup: Installing”, but another window that pops up on top of that titled, “Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Setup”, that says:

The version of Adobe Flash Player ActiveX that you are trying to install is not the most current version.

Please visit http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer to obtain the latest, most secure version. (OK)

when I press the OK button, the windows disappear and nothing happens.

I’ve gone to Adobe’s site (per the instructions) to try to download the latest version and have installed the latest version, but this doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any help would be appreciated.

I was able to get WD Discovery running by downloading it from here: