WD Discovery v4.0 hickup at startup of Windows

I have a new laptop, the latest of the latest. Windows 10 home 64bit edition as OS. Furthermore, I purchased a WD My Passport SSD connected via Thunderbolt 3 cable to my laptop, The WD Discovery v4.0.251 is installed and password is set.

I opted for the automated unlocking of the drive at startup of Windows. While the unlocking is automatic, Windows first complains that something is wrong with the drive and a few seconds later Windows Explorer opens showing the SSD drive… unlocked, as requested,

Maybe something wrong with the newly purchased SSD Drive? So, I installed the WD Drive Utilities APP that comes with WD Discovery, performed the three tests. All OK, no problems reported.

So, I wonder, why is Windows complaining about the drive having problems and that it should be scanned at startup? Am I not allowed to leave the SSD drive connected to the laptop during power-on/off? I suspect it has to do with the password protection,of the WD SSD drive but then again, that would be sloppy implementation. It is annoying and misleading to see this message while nothing is wrong.

Besides ignoring the message, anyone any ideas how I can fix this on my end to get rid of the Windows message?