WD Discovery v.3.6.163 (macOS, autoupdate)

Hello everyone,

Discovery just autoupdated to v.3.6.162 from v.3.5.152 (on macOS Catalina).
Got a password request (previous autoupdate did not requested it as far as I remember).
No release notes yet.

My Cloud Desktop remained at v.

I’m having this same issue. It asks for my email and password, then the Sign In button just sits there with a spinning arrow. It never logs in. I can access through the web, and through the mobile app, and have verified that I’m using the correct password. It also won’t connect from Finder. I have to choose Guest, but then it only shows my TimeMachine backup set.

WD Discover v3.6.163
My Cloud Desktop v2.1.0.289
Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.1

I think you are not in the right topic.
The issue you are describing sounds like another topic.
Try to go into System preferences, security and privacy and authorise the extensions.