WD Discovery uninstall leaves behind active WDDriveAgent

I had a performance problem on my desktop PC that turns out to be caused by WDDriveAgent. (see thread WDDriveAgent causes 20 second hangs for details).

It took me a long time to isolate the defective software. A big reason for that is, when I first found out I had a problem, I removed all the third-party disk-drive related software I had installed, including WD Discovery. Well, WD Discovery installs WDDriveAgent, but when you remove WD Discovery using Windows Add/Remove Programs, WDDriveAgent is left behind, and it is still being automatically started. WD Drive Agent does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs list.

This is a defect in the Western Digital install/remove software and/or packaging. The impact is magnified because the program in question is also defective.