WD Discovery not seeing my wdtv live via belkin usb wireless adapter

I have 2 wdtv live hubs, one is hooked up to the internet via ethernet cord and the wd discovery can see it no problem.

My other wdtv live hub was hooked up via the belkin usb wireless adapter and the wd discovery was seeing it with no issues until last week when I upgraded my internet (had normal time warner cable road runner speeds but I just upgraded to time warner cable wideband) so I have a new cable modem now but I am still using the same wireless router. I have a feeling that this changed something and is causing the problem with the internet not working but I’m not sure what I can do to fix it.

I can still access the internet on the wdtv live and play youtube videos, etc but the WD discovery doesn’t pick it up anymore. Any ideas as to what I’m missing would be great. Thanks in advance.

What if you manually assign the IP address to Hub and access it using the IP address and forget about discovery?