WD Discovery keeps asking iMac for extension approval

Hello Community,
I have a problem with WD Discovery software. I own MyCloud Home and while I try to login into it keeps asking for approval:
“Your operating system’s extension needs approval. To allow the software from Western Digital, please go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab and click on the Allow button”
After I approve it, it reboots my iMac. After restarting the device and try to log in the process repeats. I checked in extension settings, everything looks fine, WD extensions are present and enabled. I tried to reinstall WD Discovery.
Generally, it happened after the macOS update. After that, I waited for another update of macOS. Nothing changed. I also waited for the WD update, it happened, and also nothing changed.
Can anyone help?
Best regards,

OS: macOS BigSur 11.5.2
WD Discovery v.4.3.336
My Cloud Desktop v.

Hi @rav668,

Please refer to the following LKB article: My Cloud Home Desktop App Message "Operating System Extension Needs Approval"