WD Discovery Installation/JavaScript Issues : WD 4 TB My Passport

Dear Support Staff / Community

I recently purchased a Western Digital 4 TB My Passport external hard drive for my PC (Windows 7 with AVAST antivirus software). I am having issues installing the WD Discovery software. Originally I installed the software included on the hard drive but was having issues so I formatted the drive and tried to install the WD Discovery software from the website. Now I get 3 consecutive Javascript errors when running the installer (2 attached jpegs). The WD Drive Utility recognizes the device and allows me to check for errors (none found).


Things I’ve tried so far:
-Full removal of WD software and attempt install (with AVAST deactivated)
-Full removal of Java software and reinstall then try WD discovery install (with AVAST deactivated)
-Command prompt /sfc -scannow (no issues found)

Please let me know of any other information you may need to give advice.



Some Passports do NOT work with WD Discovery. I’m just using WD Backup alone and works fine. I’m not sure, but it almost looks as if you are trying to load WD Discovery onto the Passport. If so, don’t. All WD software loads into Windows.


Hi Cliff,

I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my issue. I was just trying to install the WD Discovery software onto Windows so that My Passport could interface with Windows. Right now the drive is formatted so has no software on it. You’re saying I could use WD Backup only, without any of the other software that was originally included (WD Discovery / Security / Etc)? Does WD Backup have encryption / password protection of data?

Thanks again,

Hi Brett,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
Yes, WD Backup has the encryption and password through WD Utilities. Just make sure you don’t lose the password, because there is NO recovery without it.
You should use Downloads specifically for the Passport model you have. and include Security and Drive Utilities.