Wd discovery dont work on i mac with mojave

hi i try to install wd discovery on my mac with new version mojave, but after downoald and launching installation program he dont work

I have installed Mojave on my iMac and Discovery works great.

Same here… same issue!!! I cannot map the drive… I can only access it via browser.

I am trying to “re-install” the software and it is saying that I have the latest software… but I know that this software is not actually being installed… as cannot find it anywhere on my APPS. One strange thing is that the TimeMachine seems to be working just fine.

HELP please!


Hi, I tried to find solutions but I did not find anything, the problem is always present for you ?

Drive might be good, just that it might be a little out-of-spec re: power draw. I’ve seen that with a couple of USB HDDs and my new MBP. Old 2008 MBP did not have the issue.