WD Discovery doesn't recognize drive ( My book World edition WD10000H-1NC-00)


 I have a  My book World edition  and I’m not happy.

I have 2 pcs xp sp3, and a macbook pro. Router is a time capsule and they all used to talk to each other but now we have problems. I have plugged to MBWE into 2 pcs different cables reloaded software, downloaded new software deleted and then reloaded new software, plugged the MBWE straight into the pcs (both of them and I always get the same error.

No network drives where discovered please be sure your device is powered on and properly connected to the local area network

What can I do.

Thanks in advance.

Hi dude!!

If I were you, I’d go from square one… Check the workgroup name, check the firewall, check if the network drive is seen on the router itself… Check if the PCs can see each other on the network, check if the network DSDM, network DDE and UPnP services are working on XP, check if you can PING the NAS on CMD, or try to map it manually without discovery if you can get the IP address…