Wd discovery application has stopped working!

I just purchased the WD Live Hub and it looked like everything was going well during installation until I went to open the program icon… it says wd discovery application has stopped working. What do I do?

I forgot to mention… then it just it says ‘close program’ when I go into my computers  troubleshooting it says it has detected an incompatible application.

I can transfer data with a USB stick and that works on the hub… it also shows my IP address in the setup section but I just can’t get the   WD Discovery program to open on my computer. I uninstalled, and reinsalled, unplugged, and replugged etc.

Right now I have the media streamer connected to the tv with a HDMI and internet via Ethernet. The computer is connected to the internet via Ethernet (and wireless when need be).

You don’t actually need the Discovery Tool. Can you see the Live Hub showing up in your operating system either as a network share or a media server?