WD Diagnostics test

Hi. I downloaded the WD diagnostics test program, Data Life Guard, to see if I had problems on my WD Caviar Black 640 gig. The program shows my two HD, including the WD one, however, it shows them as logical drives. The HD does not show under Physical drive and I can not highlight it under Logical drive listing. What can I do to check this drive as I believe it to be bad?

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

They really need to update the program to tell you what’s happening. You have to run it as admin to get access to the physical drives. Right click it, and click run as admin.

Thanks for the reply. Did run it as administrator. Failed all 3 tests immediately. Talked to WD today. RMA began. Only thing is, he told me there would be an email from them with instructions for returning the HD, and nothing yet. Maybe it takes a day or so for it to come in.

Again, thanks for the reply.