WD DataLife Dianostics does not see Physical Drive USB MyBook

I am trying to run WD diagnostics on this WD 500GB MyBook external USB hard drive.
It can see the Logical Drives on the unit but it is not listed in the Physical Drives window.

Any idea what’s going on?

Have you tried running the program as an administrator? And depending on the generation of said WD My Book unit, you may need to use WD SmartWare in order to run a diagnostic test.

Thank you for the reply Trancer.
I have tried running it as Administrator and it makes no difference.
Acronis True Image 2017 can see it, as well as Win7 Disk Management.

Would WD Drive Utilities be useful?
Does WD Smartware have a disk diagnostic capability?
The unit is approximately 5 years old.

WD Drive Utilities would not be compatible with said unit. WD SmartWare includes a “Drive Settings” section for older hard drives and includes a built-in diagnostic utility…