WD data lifeguard/2nd drive appears and disappears?

I have installed data lifeguard. I have a 2nd drive hooked up on the usb and shows as d. When I start the software it will briefly appear and then disappear? It will momentarily name the WD drive then disappear? I am wondering if it is because of the transfer rate on the USB? In the computer section it does show the both drives?
thanks Bruce


Is this a internal drive on a external enclosure?

if the drive is detecting too much bad sectors at once it will lock up and disappear from system

check your power supply and usb connection first

internal hooked up externally to a usb port to another laptop

Looks like bad sectors, when it finally connected.

Ok so its dying

I think its very time consuming recovering data from one hdd that is doing that sort of behavior.

Good luck mate.