WD Dashboard does not see my WDS500G2BOB-00YS70 drive

I’ve installed a WDS500G2BOB-00YS70 in an Alienware 13 R3 running windows 10. The Bios sees the drive. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology software sees the drive. Device manager sees the drive, but it doesn’t show up under manage in order to partition/format. The WD Dashboard does not recognize that the drive is there.

Dell tells me that the Bios must be configured as RAID. This must be true since when I configure the bios as AHCI windows won’t boot (even after reinstalling the OS). The Intel software says that the drive is there and not RAID. Dell tells me that I can pay for support from their “Non Dell” group, but that’s total BS.

Any suggestions?

Update: I downloaded the Western Digital Lifeguard software which does see the device but says its not supported and to use the Western Digital Dashboard (which of course doesn’t even see it).

Did you have get this to work? I also have an Alienware 13 R3 and trying to install a WD m.2 drive and running into similar issues. It shows up in device manager for a little while then disappears and never shows up in disk management, though it does show up in BIOS.