WD community admin will remove your post if they dont like them

Not sure anyone will ever see this even. If you post a hard negative, as i did about the wd passport for mac, Admin will remove the post.

Guess I will just have leave my reviews and opinions on Amazon, ebates, simon, etc…

Buyer beware

It’s not that I do or don’t like the posts.  It’s just that I spent the time to get a staff member to answer your issue, and you have been cross-posting in at least 4 places with the same issue.  Read the forum.  I don’t delete negative posts.  I’m here to make sure you follow our community guidelines.  That’s all. 

By the way, did you get your question answered?  If so, please make sure to mark it solved, so that others with the same issue can use your solution to get help.  If not yet, then respond to his reply so that you can continue to get the help.

yep, my question was answered all right. You refered me to a link to download the full install of smartware for mac that is actually just the update and not the full install.

So, I guess my answer is “too bad ■■■■■■”

That’s actually being looked into.

I wont hold my breath.