Wd Cloud vanished from Smart Ware when Wd My Book was conneted via USB to the laptop


Please what is the problem… or how to solve it?

My system:

Hp laptop

Wireless home web

Wd Cloud 4 TB  

My Book 3 TB

All my important files should have a immediately backup to My Cloud.

So it was still yesterday.

Today I added my former My Book 3 TB which is almost full,

but I wanted to have a look for some older photos.

After having connected My Book via USB to my laptop

Smart Ware refuses to show my main backup target Wd Clould!

Please help!

How do I get Wd Clould as major backup target?

And how do I get a full backup to My Cloud of all my photos in My Book?

There is something odd which I do not realize.

Thank you so much for all advice! :slight_smile:

Is the WD My Cloud detected if you disconnect the USB WD My Book? WD SmartWare does not currently feature a migration option, so the best method to move the pictures from one drive to the other is to copy/cut & paste the data between devices.


Thank you for your answer!

Later I made a surprising notice:

both harddisks were shown as backup targets!

Possible something has changed while there is a new version of Smart Ware 2.4.2?

Also what surprised me Wd My Book was possible to choose as backup source and

Wd Cloud as backup target.

I also have photos which will show that,

but at the moment unfortunatelly no time to send them to Picasa.

Have dot tried yet to backup in that way form My Book to My Cloud via Smart Ware,

but checked that in Smart Ware´s dasboard it was a real option!

If so also in practical situation all my Wd wishes so far would have got a happy end! :slight_smile:

Might be good to check for all them who have wished for that kind of backup possibility!