Wd cloud drive this file is invalid

this file is invalid. I get this half way through videos. not every movie. and not in the same spot everytime you play it. I also cant copy some movies off the drive. Just freezes up my finder. An not all movies. This goes away most of the time if i redo the drive , but im getting tired of this. tried rebooting. quick scan and so on. This drive is turning out to be a piece of ■■■■.

What happens if you copy the “file” to your computer and play it locally, does it still crash?

In almost every instance where a media file (video) crashes during playback its because the file itself is corrupted and has nothing to do with the My Cloud. hat same file will crash if played locally on the computer. Many times if I reencode the video file (I use Handbrake) it solves the problem.

Also note that if using El Capitan OS on the Mac that others are reporting a variety of problems with El Capitan and the My Cloud.


The file plays fine on my computer. Im on os Lion. When i put it on the cloud drive is when i start having issues with files. When i cant remove a file from my cloud drive, it will still play. I just cant copy it off. The only way to get it off the drive is to delete it. .mp4 is most of the files. Like i said before the drive works fine for awhile after i wipe the drive clean and put back to factory setting. But im tired of that, this would be my third time and it takes forever to get all ,y files back on there.

I aslo have the drive hooked up to my tv. LG. Its worked fine in the past when doing the things i said