WD cavier green 1TB, write error when creating system backup


Im having a problem creating a full backup copy of my computer (tried using windows 7 tool and paragon backup utility). So i have my 1tb caviar in a case with ac adaptor and usb + esata ports. I connect my drive to my laptop using esata. It was making the backup for couple hours and then just in the end it indicates write error… In windows utility i menaged to create a copy of C partition but thats not enoguh for me, i rly need full drive. My hdd is 500gb and the space left on my caviar backup drive is more than 520gb.

have anyone encountered this issue before or knows any way out of this?

I would be rly gratefull for any help.

Excuse me my english.

Not sure about this one

can you connect via USB with the enclosure?

Try another interface to see if a connection issue

I know that some problems might happens when you try to clone from an internal HDD to an external, but try using another program just in case.